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Yacht Club members bring marina back to shipshape during recent work days

Thursday, May 04, 2017 4:25 PM | David Schieffer (Administrator)

By Charles Segebrecht

A recent Yacht Club article in The Quiviran presented alternate facts on individual Lake Quivira clubs by defining each as the best club. Once again, there is no suggested false news in this general aphorism. I’m pleased to share this truthfully presented news has gone uncontested to date–but not without an inquiry from this paper’s editor asking me, “Are you in counseling?”

Our community club members gather a variety of satisfactions by simply belonging and participating, and in doing so, make the clubs the worthwhile diversions they are intended to be. We sometimes witness the activities of the best clubs to which we don’t belong, and often read of their members’ pursuits, accomplishments and educational ventures. It’s satisfying for us to see our community healthy, active and growing as we watch from the outside these best clubs functioning, or better yet, by belonging and getting down and dirty on the inside making your clubs work.

In recent weeks (work weeks!), our Yacht Club members have certainly gotten down in the back and dirty on the outside–even developing cases of poison ivy and poison oak–as they also gathered satisfactions from many jobs well done! Nature has a way of continually coming at the marina grounds by way of eroding soil, weathering surfaces, tearing flags and encroaching wild growth. Leslie Treas empowered all of us worker bees with her marina vision to fight back, successfully disallowing nature to have its way. Despite the presence of despicable ivies and menacing thorny vines, our use of Randy Treas’ power tools allowed us to prevail. Literally, tons of wild vegetation have now been cut and piled by Joe Biron, Leslie Treas, Joe Bartels, Rose Davied, Dave Walters, Bruce Braun, Dave Schieffer and Randy Treas–only to have the roadside piles magically disappear. Our suspicions are Gary Anderson and associates had a big helping hand in this. Thank you, once again, for your typical, unsolicited support.

The YC flag pole was repainted and the American flag was replaced by Joe Biron as he again risked life and limb experiencing an annual and dangerous weather phenomenon–20 MPH and higher winds. Why do white caps cover our lake every time/every year he takes to the top of our flag pole? Joe survived once again, allowing for theatrical climbing next year.

Many deteriorating dock boards have been amended by Dave Walters. The dock surfaces are again secure and safe after the recent winter months. Bollards have been repaired and/or replaced. Bushes have been trimmed, good ivies planted and beach cleaned.

In addition to our exterior marina spring cleaning, Dave Schieffer, our resident IT expert (who single-handedly brought our club into the 21st Century), has created an efficient, on-line cleaning schedule geared to correspond with all marina activities and rentals and creating associated hands-free dependability with our cleaning staff. If you haven’t visited our website, do so at Joining this best club, or checking available dates for reserving the pavilion, or checking club news, etc. has been made very easy–thanks to Dave. BTW: the early bird club dues amount expires and raises to $75 in mid-May.

Notice #1: Youth sailing lessons are scheduled for June 10, June 17 and June 24!

Notice #2: Adult sailing lessons are scheduled for June 4 and June 18!

Notice #3: Save the date! Tribute to Burning Man returns on June 24!

Definition: worker bee – those who wonder every day at work if this is going to be the day they scream accidentally, “Shut the %#@$ up!” or just scream to themselves.

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